Friday, December 22, 2006

Murder No. 10 - Updated Chart

Date: August 25, 2006**
Victim: Aurelios Landeros, 54, of Plainfield. Discovered unconscious at his residence, 1300-block of East 2nd Street on August 10. Slipped into a coma and died August 25. Autopsy was inconclusive about cause of death. Further forensic examination led the Prosecutor to declare the death a homicide in December.
Suspect: Unknown; AT LARGE
Drugs Involved: Unknown

**Reported by Ledger and Courier on Thursday, 12/21/2006.
Date: December 16, 2006
Victim: Maria Flores, 16, of Plainfield, multiple gunshot wounds
Circumstances: Reported anonymously to 911 about 9:55 PM, victim was found in a car outside deli area of Global gas station at West Front Street and Grant Avenue.
Suspect: Unknown; AT LARGE as of 12/16/2006
Drugs Involved: Unknown

Date: September 3, 2006
Victim: Joel Whitley, 26, of Burlington County
Circumstances: Shot after dispute at party on East 6th Street, shooter pulled up in silver van
Suspect: Bryden Williams, 29; IN CUSTODY as of 9/20/2006
Drugs Involved: Unknown
Date: July 6, 2006
Victim: Robert Clayborne
Circumstances: Shot, Hallway of Viola Aptmts., across from Crescent Ave. Presbyterian Church
Suspect: Unsolved
Drugs Involved: Yes
Date: July 1, 2006
Victim: Frank Puri
Circumstances: Beaten, found under Liberty Street underpass
At large: Robert Hayes, 19, of North Plainfield.
In custody: Robert Johnson, 18, and Dante Faulcon, 19, both of Plainfield, and a 17-year-old North Plainfield male.
Drugs Involved: Probable
Date: June 18, 2006
Victim: Lonnie Phillips
Circumstances: Stabbed, daylight, East Front at Church Street
Suspect: Dennis Thomas, arrested minutes later
Drugs Involved: No
Date: April 12, 2006
Victim: Sergio Suarez
Circumstances: Shot, Innocent bystander, West Front across from McDonald's
Suspect: Shaun D. Oatis, arrested April 12, 2006
Drugs Involved: No
Date: March 24, 2006
Victim: Michael Gregory
Circumstances: Shot, broad daylight, Green Brook Park
Suspect: Jeremy Watson, arrested March 24, 2006
Drugs Involved: Yes
Date: March 14, 2006
Victim: Robert Cody
Circumstances: Shot, Liberty Street underpass
Suspect: Donald Johnson, arrested Staten Island, April 23, 2006
Drugs Involved: Suspected
Date: February 16, 2006
Victim: Antwine McAllister
Circumstances: Shot, broad daylight, 6th & Park
Suspect: Shawn Wafi-Long, arrested May 19, 2006
Drugs Involved: Suspected

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