Thursday, April 06, 2006

It's Spring, and thoughts turn to...gangs?

It's Spring, and thoughts turn to...gangs?

Well, let's hope we're not going to have the issues we have had over the past few years with after-school confrontations, drive-by shootings and other gunplay in our neighborhoods. We'll just have to see.

One of the things that runs through the culture of gangs is the ways that gang members -- or wannabes -- identify themselves or taunt their gang rivals through their dress.

Just because gangs may make use of a logo does NOT mean that everyone who wears a tee or a cap sporting it is a gang member.

Many kids wear colors of the gang perceived to control their neighborhood. Some because they aspire to the status and group identity of belonging. Others may fear being beaten by a gang member offended by the wearing of apparel viewed as representing a rival gang or dissing the member's gang. Who ever said figuring things out was easy?

Here are a few websites with more information about gangs, gang colors, and intervening or preventing youngsters involvement with gangs:

Below are some of the team and company logos that have been identified with gangs by police and gang experts. This is by no means an exhaustive list, just a sampling.


Atlanta Hawks

Red is associated with Bloods
Calgary Flames

Red is associated with Bloods
Chicago Bulls

Bloods Usually Live Longer, Sucker

Respect Each Every Blood OK



All Day I Disrespect A Slob [Blood]
Chicago White Sox

Xing Out Slobs [Bloods]
North Carolina (UNC)

Neighborhood Crip
NY Giants

Going Insane All Night Toward Slobs [Bloods]


Pittsburgh Steelers

Black and gold are associated with the Latin Kings, as are diamond shapes
Pittsburgh Pirates

Black and gold are associated with the Latin Kings
-- Dan Damon
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