Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Faith Bricks & Mortar condos a tour de force


View of 209 East 7th Street during construction

Faith Bricks and Mortar held an open house for the public at its newly completed project at 209 East 7th Street this past Friday.

In this 10th project, FB&M renovated a dilapidated Victorian multi-family across the street from Swain Galleries into two four-bedroom, two and a half bath CONDOMINIUM units, with new electrical, plumbing and heating systems. AND closets galore!

For years, many thought of this project as 'Sally's folly' -- the reference being to Sally Beckwith, for many years FB&M's executive director and for whom this project is her crowning achievement, even though she 'officially' retired a couple of years ago.

Always leading with a smile,
Sally was unsinkable and unstoppable when it came to the '209' project. She convinced the agency's board it was workable. She wore down city officials who doubted the project was viable. She lobbied, haggled and persisted. And she wrung an outstanding project out of a situation in which very few others had any confidence in the beginning.

PT would like to think of Sally's role in this project as analagous to her skills as a theatrical director, in which her job was to see the potential in the play AND the cast and push, plead and cajole to get the max from the perfomers. All within an allotted time and on budget.

This project stands as a monument to the vision and leadership of Sally Beckwith and the whole community should take pride in its sucess.

NOW, the group needs to SELL THE UNITS, which PT was told will be offered through normal real estate channels at $350,000 for each unit. For more information, to schedule a viewing or pass along the name of a prospect, call FB&M executive director Evelyn Leverett at
(908) 756-5774.

There will be a REALTORS' OPEN HOUSE this Thursday, October 26, 10 AM - Noon. If you're a real estate professional, you will NOT want to miss this one!

A selection of photos from the Open House is found below.

(DISCLOSURE: Dan was a founding member of FB&M and its second president. The organization grew out of the response of Plainfielders to the 1991 Rodney King beating, as a result of a meeting called by the Rev. Margot Campbell-Gross, minister of the First Unitarian Society, who became the founding president. During Dan's term, the group finally was able to launch its first two projects -- on Arlington Avenue and West 3rd Street.)

The entry on Open House day

Looking across the common foyer

One unit's living room

The kitchen in one of the units

Executive Director Evelyn Leverett answers visitor questions

Board member Barbara Wallace indicates how spacious the rooms are

An ample parking area is provided

View toward Crescent Avenue church

View of East 7th Street

View toward the YMCA

-- Dan Damon

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Anonymous said...

great job......
a Union County Preservation Award should be given to this organization.
This is preservation at it's best

angela said...

Quite a Creation ,or, rather a re-creation thru the hard work of many, not to forget the gifted intellects of 2 notable women who pushed for the project and pushed on with formidable endurance, especially that of Sally Beckwith. And a former minister of my Church, the First Unitarian Society of Plainfield.