Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Three rumors and a fret

THREE RUMORS AND A FRET -- Rumor 1: City Hall was abuzz yesterday with word of a MAJOR MAYORAL MELTDOWN between Her Honor and City Administrator Carlton McGee, who will be out the door in just one more week. About what? Who knows? Rumor 2: Tyshammie Cooper, McGee's handpicked choice to the fill the vacant Finance and Administration director's chair will NOT be coming to Plainfield. That means TWO TOP SLOTS to fill -- AGAIN, IN LESS THAN A YEAR. Hmmmmm. Rumor 3: U.S. Attorney Christopher Christie is said to be ready to turn his BENEVOLENT GAZE toward Union County after the November election. Will there be any sleepless nights in Plainfield?

THE FRET? -- Take a look at the photos below.

PT's interest was piqued with Margaret Lewis' letter
to the editor ("Burned eyesore still stands in city") in Monday's Courier about the burned-out house at 1220 Salem Road on the corner of Whittingham Terrace. Is she not right to fret after six months?

What HAVE her Council people done? What IS the City doing?

1220 Salem Road

Main Entry

Hazardous Structure Placard dated 4/20/2006

Rear of home

Garage, unsecured

-- Dan Damon

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Anonymous said...

No only there, but there is a house on upper Evergreen that has a portion of the fence down. What is very upsetting, other than the house looks uncared for, is that there is a pool in the yard with the diving board is in plain sight. The house has been this way since at least March of this year. So, this administration gives out notices for leaves on the street (people are trying to keep their yards looking nice), but don't seem the care that there is a fence down (which looks terrible) and is around a pool. If it doesn't matter that pools have fences around it, why doesn't the administration just say so! All I keep thinking is 3 more years - UGH!

Anonymous said...

It's funny I was driving by a boarded up house today off Randolph Road and I remembered the bad old days when there were tons of boarded up homes in Plainfield. I hope we are not going back to those days!

Anonymous said...

This is just more of the same. The Code Enforcement in this city is a joke! Our neighbor got a warning for having brush in the road two days before the scheduled pick-up because it was not 24 in. away from the curb. There were a host of other houses with the same amount of brush but no one else got a warning. Same Story different year. If the employees of code enforcement had a clue about what is really important, maybe this city could really improve.